Smart Reordering System

Smart Reordering System
- more than eKanban -

With the Smart Reordering System, you can manage your warehouse stock in a simple and intelligent way and optimize your material flow. This will save you valuable storage space, cost and time, because inventory and order processing will no longer be carried out manually but fully automated. Moreover, the Smart Reordering System is versatile and can be used either as fully automated Kanban system or as a supplement to already existing systems in order to digitalize your entire intralogistics.

Your next step towards lean manufacturing.

Manage your inventory flexibly and intelligently

In many companies, production is based on a pull principle. Therefore, it is important to always have enough material in stock to be able to process orders. Frequently, stock levels are managed manually via Kanban cards or with barcode solutions. Fixed time intervals regulate the material supply chain. That makes the material flow inflexible. In addition, there are countless manual processes that make flexible inventory management and thus dynamic production impossible. All of that leads to inefficient inventory management and high buffer stocks that need space and tie up capital in the manufacturing logistics.

Automate your inventory management

The solution is our Smart Reordering System. It allows you to manage your entire warehouse stock automatically and according to your requirements – from the point of delivery to the assembly workstation. 

Functioning of the Smart Reordering System

This is how smart inventory management works:

Sensors monitor the stocks and send the information to a gateway. There, all inventory data is collected and sent encrypted to the database and the cloud application. Via their dashboard, users can view and analyze current stock levels on their personal dashboard at any time and from any location. Thanks to interfaces, the SRS is compatible with ERP systems.

Sensors send information to the inventory stocks

In order to record your stock levels automatically, you need sensors. The ones used for the SRS are battery powered and can be installed easily and without further cables, whether they are at the point of delivery, at pallet sites, assembly workstations or Kanban shelves. Once installed, the sensors automatically control your Kanban and buffer stocks and send the information to a gateway.

All data come together in the gateway

The gateway collects all data related to the inventory in your warehouse that have been transmitted by the different sensors. Bundled, the gateway sends encrypted data to the database and the cloud application.

Data available in the cloud

All inventory stock data are stored securely and encrypted in the cloud application. This allows you to check and analyze the current inventory on your personal dashboard at any time and wherever you are and optimize Kanban processes. 

Compatible with other systems thanks to interfaces

Standardized interfaces allow you to use inventory data even outside the Smart Reordering System. Our solution is compatible with various ERP systems. 

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Are you interested in our Smart Reordering System? Then take the next step toward lean manufacturing with us. Together with you, we will adapt the Smart Reordering System according to your requirements, and support you to ideally manage your inventory stocks. Sebastian Köhler will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

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