Smart Reordering System

Lean Manufacturing with the
Smart Reordering System instead of
eKanban systems

The Smart Reordering System is a holistic logistics system and offers various advantages compared to other solutions like eKanban: starting with the simple set-up, to current stock level, down to a dynamic supply chain.

The advantages of the Smart Reordering System at a glance:

Dynamic stock management

The Smart Reordering System will notify you automatically as soon as stock materials in your warehouse fall below a limit value. You define the level of this limit yourself in terms of optimum material flow. This means, you do not depend on fixed time intervals as with classical Kanban solutions, but you can still rely on your warehouse being sufficiently stocked at all times. At the same time, you reduce buffer stocks.

Mit Smart Reordering kommen Sie Lean Manufacturing einen Schritt näher.

Fast supply

The sensors of the Smart Reordering System continuously record your stock. On your dashboard, you can check the current stocks at any time on a graphic display, or you are automatically informed about your stock. This is how replenishment times and empty trips are reduced. 

Eine kurze Wiederbeschaffungszeit und eine geringe Anzahl an Leerfahrten sind weitere Vorteile des Smart Reordering Systems.

Automated inventory management

The Smart Reordering System monitors the inventory levels with sensors and automatically reports short supplies back to you. Manual Kanban processes and scans are unnecessary. Using standardized interfaces, the Smart Reordering System can also be implemented into your existing ERP systems for direct information exchange. 

In der Logistik werden manuelle Kanban-Prozesse durch Smart Reordering und die damit verbundene automatische Lagerhaltung überflüssig.

Set-up of the
Smart Reordering System

Three steps towards lean manufacturing

Compared to other solutions towards a digital inventory flow, the costs for the installation are low and the required time is minimal. Convince yourself.

Step 1- Attach the sensor to the storage place

Usually, you only need one sensor per storage place. The sensor is battery powered and communicates via LoRaWAN. Therefore, no cable connection is necessary. You can install it easily and flexibly with just a standardized bracket, adhesive tape or a cable tie.

The sensors of the Smart Reordering System are battery powered and communicate via LoRaWAN.
The gateway only needs to be plugged into a power outlet. The connection between the gateway and the cloud application can be established either via LTE or Ethernet.

Step 2 - Put the gateway into operation

Connect the gateway with a plug to supply it with electricity. The connection between the gateway and the cloud application can be established either via LTE or Ethernet over your home network. In order to get started, you don’t need to involve the IT department in the installation. Meanwhile, the sensor connects automatically with the gateway.

Step 3 - Set up the application

Log in to the application via web browser – regardless with which device, where or at what time. No additional software is required, and your data will be stored safely in the cloud. The set-up of the system and the sensors can be done simply and intuitively by using the application. Moreover, the system can be linked to your ERP system via standard APIs. By the way: You don’t need to worry about updates. Balluff will always keep the system up to date for you.

The Smart Reordering System application can be accessed via web browser.

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