Smart Reordering System

How much is the Smart Reordering System?

With the Smart Reordering System, you digitalize and optimize your material flow. This avoids both supply shorts and surplus. It also allows you to take a huge step towards lean manufacturing and smart factory. Interested? Then try it out! We offer you two price models, so you can choose between the fixed-cost model or the subscription model, according to your demands.

Fixed-cost model

With the fixed-cost model, you purchase the hardware such as sensors and gateway. The costs for the cloud application, which lets you check your inventory data, are deducted monthly. We also develop an interface for your ERP system on demand.

Wireless Sensor

net / one time / sensor
  • TOF-sensor
  • Wireless connection
  • Long life battery


799,- net / one time / gateway
  • Wired ethernet
  • Optional 4G / LTE

Cloud application

net / monthly* / sensor
  • Dashboard
  • Database
  • Inventory management

ERP integration

On request

  • Interface definition
  • Interface development

Subscription model

The subscription model offers you highest flexibility. Both hardware and software are rented. With this model, we can also develop an interface for your ERP system if required. The minimum maturity for the subscription model are 24 months.

Smart Reordering System

net per month* and sensor
  • Wireless sensor
  • Gateway (LTE or LAN)
  • Cloud application

ERP integration


On request

  • Interface definition
  • Interface development

* Yearly payment possible

Invoice example

Let’s say you manage a warehouse with 20 spots you want to overview. Each spot needs a sensor that costs 9.90 € net per month. Hence, you pay 20 x 9.90 € net = 198 € net / month. With 24 months minimum maturity, the total costs add up to 4,752.00 € net.

Included in the price are the lease for one gateway and 20 sensors, as well as the integration of the cloud solution for the Smart Reordering System.


Try it out first?

You are not quite convinced yet? No problem! With our starter kit, you can try out the Smart Reordering System for six months without obligation.


Get information about smart reordering,
your alternative to classic eKanban systems

Are you interested in our Smart Reordering System? Then take the next step toward lean manufacturing with us. Together with you, we will adapt the Smart Reordering System according to your requirements, and support you to ideally manage your inventory stocks. Sebastian Köhler will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

Portrait Sebastian Köhler, Experte für eKanban und Smart Reordering

Sebastian Köhler

Strategic Incubation manager