Smart Reordering System

What customers and partners say about the Smart Reordering System

Quite a few customers and partners already manage their inventories fully automatically and intelligently. Because with the Smart Reordering System, they optimize their material flow and always have current stock levels in view.

That's what our customers and partners say

Michael Melzer, Manager production system at Metabo

I see the Smart Reordering System as an opportunity to complement our existing eKanban system. A potential use case at Metabo is the monitoring of the empties returns at the supermarkets or at sites. I expect to optimize our empties return areas and the replenishment processes.

Since the installation is fast and flexible, I can also think of variable uses in the field of process optimization. The system helps collect numbers, data and facts and thus offers a solid basis for optimizing lean management and processes.

Metabo Smart Reordering System Kunde
BeeWaTec Smart Reordering System Partner

Joachim Walter, COO BeeWaTec AG

Companies that successfully use lean management and plan and organize their production meticulously, have all required materials in stock and in the right place thanks to Kanban systems. In practice, however, it still happens frequently that stocks are not ideally dimensioned at the respective consumption points. Counteracting this, seems to me the greatest benefit of the Smart Reordering System, as well as adapting the entire intralogistic supply chain dynamically and in real time. The inventory stocks can be increased or reduced between the individual consumption points without much effort and based on real, current data.

Moreover, the Smart Reordering System allows you to test scenarios in the inventory change of individual process steps in real time, makeing the supply chain even tougher. That is how the Smart Reordering System contributes to the analysis and sustainable development of the intralogistics supply chain. 


Benjamin Braun, Sales Manager Just Pack GmbH

With the Smart Reordering System, we extend our existing “Kanban Pack +” and digitalize warehousing.

Until now, supply care for our customers has usually happened manually and in fixed, pre-defined intervals. SRS enables constant supply coverage and monitoring without the need for personnel. That allows us to plan deliveries even better, tailored to the demand, as well as respond to last minute increases of demands. The registered data additionally helps optimize the processes and use available capacities ideally. 

Because of its simple set-up, it is worth implementing it also for C parts. Even a change of storage locations is not a problem due to the Smart Reordering System, as it takes on changes with minimal effort.

Just Pack uses the Smart Reordering System to digitalize warehousing.


Informieren Sie sich über Smart Reordering,
die Alternative zum klassischen e-Kanban-System

Sind Sie an unserem Smart Reordering System interessiert? Dann gehen Sie mit uns den nächsten Schritt in Richtung Lean Manufacturing. Gemeinsam mit Ihnen entwickeln wir das Smart Reordering System entsprechend Ihren Anforderungen weiter und unterstützen Sie dabei, Ihre Lagerbestände optimal zu verwalten. Sebastian Köhler steht Ihnen für Fragen und weitere Informationen gerne zur Verfügung.

Portrait Sebastian Köhler, Experte für eKanban und Smart Reordering

Sebastian Köhler

Strategic Incubation manager