Smart Reordering System

Test simply and without obligation

Are you still not quite sure if the Smart Reordering System meets your requirements? Then just try it out!
With our service package, you can test the logistics system for four weeks without obligation.

Service Package

The service package is the perfect solution for everybody who wants to try out the Smart Reordering System without obligation. It includes all required components: ten battery powered wireless sensors, a gateway and the cloud application. You also receive consulting services for the application and commissioning totalling eight hours. The consultation can take place either on site or digitally within the test period of four weeks. 
The Smart Reordering System is set up in no time, without effort or assistance from the IT department. After all, the system runs autonomously via LTE. All you need to get started is a plug to supply the gateway with electricity.

You can test the Smart Reordering System without obligation for four weeks and then decide if you want to continue using it.

Smart Reordering System Service Package

1499,- net*
  • 10x wireless sensors
  • 1x gateway incl. SIM
  • Cloud application
  • 8h consultancy service

*system stays with customer for four weeks

Decision made?

Would you like to use the Smart Reordering System for more than four weeks? We offer you a fixed-cost model, which means you purchase the hardware and rent the software.


Get information about smart reordering,
your alternative to classic eKanban systems

Are you interested in our Smart Reordering System? Then take the next step toward lean manufacturing with us. Together with you, we will adapt the Smart Reordering System according to your requirements, and support you to ideally manage your inventory stocks. Sebastian Köhler will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

Portrait Sebastian Köhler, Experte für eKanban und Smart Reordering

Sebastian Köhler

Strategic Incubation manager